Friday, August 24, 2012

Clay Table Display

Haven't updated my blog for a while. I was so busy with school work that I had not focused on Personalized Accessories. However, school ends by September. I just have to finish all my papers, documents and everything important.

Although I have already posted these in my page, I just wanted to blog about it.

I simply love the "Jessica" stand. Personally, it looks cuter. The tiny books are really really nice. I just love how this stand turned out. The request of my customer was:
(1) The hair should be curly
(2) The chibi should be wearing blue
(3) The theme would be a girl reading in the garden
(4) Different types of flowers
(5) A lot of books

Hope you guys enjoyed my work. I'm so excited to post my new chibi dolls, next time ;)


  1. Yes, we sell these. :) You can send me an email at or check us out on facebook at for inquiries. thanks!