Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tetris Blocks

Today was our first day of classes (if you guys don't know, I'm still in college).

Anyway, I remembered that I used to play Tetris when I was young. I am SUPER ADDICTED to it. I really love the game, and I could play for hours. During college, I still played tetris. I was quite an addict and achieved the rank as God of Tetris in Facebook. Last term, I would always play Tetris during our free time.

Since I started Personalized Accessories, I never got the chance to play again. :(

I got inspired to create a charm bracelet with Tetris blocks as its charms. However, I don't really use charm bracelets. Instead, I made it into a keychain.

Tetris keychain (made out of clay)

It looks awesome. Reminds me of the game I love so much.

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